Pearl pink linen pillowcase with ruffles


Pearl pink linen pillowcase with flounce on three sides. Charming and unique, it will beautifully decorate any interior. The pillowcase can be decorative or complement our duvet covers. It is soft and gentle to the skin because it is made of softened 100% stonewashed linen. Owing to the miraculous properties of linen fabric, which is antibacterialbreathable and anti-allergic, sleep is healthier and deeper. It is a great fabric for both the summertime and winter. Linen is extremely durable, moreover, the linen pillowcase becomes even softer after each washing.


The pillowcase can be fastened with a zipper or an inner flap.

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  • fabric from a Polish manufacturer, 100% linen with the OEKO-TEX certificate
  • softened stonewashed linen
  • product sewn in Poland, handmade
  • 30 days product return

Linen pillowcase with ruffles will make a magical atmosphere at home

Linen pillowcase with frills is undoubtedly charming and soft to the skin. It serves as a decorative pillow in any living room or bedroom. It can also accompany our duvet covers.

We sew them from softened linen, certified by OEKO-TEX 100 in class I. This means that it has been strictly tested, it does not contain any harmful substances, chemicals and is safe for children. Those who have not yet had the opportunity to experience sleep in linen sheets will surely be pleasantly surprised. In addition to the unique structure of linen and the beautiful appearance of the bedding, the wonderful natural properties of linen fabric are even more convincing – breathability and resistance to the bacteria and fungi as well as absorption of moisture (sweat). By choosing a linen pillowcasses, you will see how it positively affects your well-being and health.

Linen pillowcases are all-season products. On hot days, when it gets very warm outside, you will certainly appreciate the comfort, the feeling of coolness and freshness while sleeping under a linen cover. In winter you will see how linen can retain heat and maintain optimal body temperature due to its natural thermoregulation properties. Additionally, thanks to its structure, it massages the body during sleep and improves blood circulation.

Let’s be closer to nature, let’s appreciate and take care of it!

You can choose duvet cover and sheets for your pillowcases and create your own set in one color or another. And if you are looking for a different size of bedding, please contact us, we sew on an individual order, too.


  • softened stonewashed linen 150-170g/m2
  • cover with zipper or inner flap
  • does not require ironing

When you buy cover and pillowcases separately, please be aware that color shade may differ.

We try hard for the colors on the webpage to reflect the natural colors as accurately as possible, but please bear in mind that small differences may occur.

Additional information

Ruffles pillowcase size

40×40 cm, 40×60 cm, 50×50 cm, 50×60 cm, 50×70 cm, 60×70 cm, 70×70 cm, 70×80 cm, 80×80 cm

Type of closure

envelope closure, zipper


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