Natural beige linen tablecloth with folded edge


Natural beige linen tablecloth with folded edge will be a perfect decoration for a special holiday as well as every day. This tablecloth is made from undyed stonewashed linen, which makes it soft to the touch and lays ideally on your table. Match other linen products from our Kitchen & Table offer.


Which size of tablecloth should I choose for my table?

The tablecloth should have at least about 15cm of overlay, but we recommend going for about 20-30cm. Therefore, if you choose the size of your tablecloth, add the desired overlay for both sides. For example, for a 90x160cm table, we recommend choosing 150x220cm tablecloth which has a 30cm overlay on each side. What is more, take into account the shrinking properties of stonewashed linen products and add several more cm to the tablecloth of your desired size.

If you are looking for another size, color, or finish, contact us, we also sew to order.

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  • fabric from a Polish manufacturer, 100% linen with the OEKO-TEX certificate
  • softened stonewashed linen
  • product sewn in Poland, handmade
  • 30 days product return

Linen tablecloth – decorate your table with nature

The stonewashed linen tablecloth looks beautiful on your table. Depending on the choice of crockery, cutlery, decorations and arrangements, the effect can range from stylish and elegant to minimalistic, free, or even austere. Our linen tablecloths are made with utmost care and precision to offer you the highest quality there is.

Choose and match other linen products in the Kitchen & Table collection, such as runnersplace matslinen napkins in an assortment of colors. Make your own arrangement and cherish special moments at your table with your loved ones.

Stonewashed linen naturally shrinks by 3-5%. Please take this into account while choosing your size. 

Let’s, appreciate, care for, and be closer to nature!


  • softened stonewashed linen 150-170 g/m2

When you buy linen products, please be aware that color shade may differ.

We try hard for the colors on the webpage to reflect the natural colors as accurately as possible, but please bear in mind that small differences may occur.

Additional information

Tablecloth size

100×100 cm, 140×140 cm, 145×140 cm, 140×160 cm, 145×160 cm, 140×180 cm, 145×180 cm, 140×200 cm, 145×200 cm, 140×220 cm, 140×240 cm, 140×260 cm, 140×280 cm, 140×300 cm, 140×320 cm, 140×340 cm, 140×360 cm, 140×380 cm, 140×400 cm, 140×420 cm, 145×220 cm, 145×240 cm, 145×260 cm, 145×280 cm, 145×300 cm, 145×320 cm, 145×340 cm, 145×360 cm, 145×380 cm, 145×400 cm, 145×420 cm


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