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Why sleep in linen duvet cover ?


Linen has great both anti-allergic and anti-bacterial properties, which helps to soothe any irritation and the overall hygiene of our skin. Linen duvet does not pick up static, absorbs moisture, which is quickly given off and linen becomes dry again. It is also breathable and extremely durable, as well as thermoregulating. In the summertime, linen can cool down by 3 to 4 °C, while in the winter it warms the body. This makes duvet cover perfect for any time of the year.


Linen bedding ensures a better, deeper sleep, so the next day we feel more refreshed and regenerated. It cares for the comfort of our body, breathes with the skin and provides a feeling of comfort at any time of the year – in the summertime it gives a pleasant feeling of coolness and absorbs moisture, in winter it warms our body. Linen duvet covers are gentle to our skin and will surely provide a feeling of freshness and better sleep. This also makes it a great choice for allergic people or suffering from atopic dermatitis.


Linen sheets, pillows and blankets are very durable and resistant to washing, much more than the same cotton products. After each washing, linen products become even more delicate and do not lose their properties. A set of linen bedding is an investment for years.


Linen is undoubtedly environmentally-friendly. The cultivation process itself is one of the least damaging to the environment. The flax plant is resistant to various types of pests, therefore pesticides are not used for cultivation. Flax fibers do not contain heavy metals or other harmful admixtures. Also, flax is completely biodegradable.

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