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Here you will find the most frequently asked questions with answers. If you want to ask something else, write to us at info@illetto.com or use the contact form.

YES! IL LETTO is a Polish brand from beginning to end. It all started here and the entire production process takes place here. Of course, our products are handmade.

We don’t think so. This is because the beauty of linen lies in its structure and its natural appearance. Linen will crease because that is its nature. Softened linen makes curtains or bedding with its delicate creases look beautiful.

Of course, if someone sees the need and wants to achieve a more classic look, it is best to iron linen products when they are still slightly damp at high temperature.

Linen bedding and curtains should be washed with similar colors. It is a good idea to wash the linen separately, and turn the bed linen or pillowcases inside out and fasten the zipper or buttons. We wash linen in mild washing agents. It is recommended to use a delicate washing cycle up to 40℃ (high temperatures may cause the fabric to shrink), you can also wash them by hand. We do not wring out the linen so as not to cause deformation. We spin at low speed.
After washing, the products should be shaken well and hung evenly, preferably flat.

No, do not use any strong detergents or bleaches. They could destroy or weaken the linen fibers and thus lose their natural durability.

The softened linen that we use to sew our products undergoes a tambling process, so the shrinkage (at the appropriate washing temperature and use of the products) is small and amounts to only 3-5%.

Yes, our linen fabric is certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX, which means that it is free from many harmful substances in concentrations that have a negative impact on our health. The fabric is also extremely safe for children.

The fabric comes from a Polish manufacturer who uses yarns from Poland, France and Belgium to produce linen.

We sew our products by hand to individual orders. We adapt to customers’ needs in terms of sizes and colors. The products are not stocked by us.

To choose the right size for a memory foam pillowcase, you need to know its length, width and height. Then, add the height to both the length and width to obtain the appropriate size of the linen pillowcase. For example, if the pillow measures 40 x 60 x 11 cm, the appropriate pillowcase size should be 51 x 71 cm. If you haven’t found the right size in our store, write to us or order a pillowcase in a similar size and add the size you need in the comments.

Yes, both the trim and the hem are included in the total curtain height. There is no need to add extra centimeters.

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